COFUR Denmark was founded in the year 2013 by the travel-loving couple: Gitte and Kim Henriksen, who, through several trips and one longer stay abroad, fell in love with the old silk sarees from India. A sari an approximately 6 meters long piece of fabric that can be draped around the body and fastened with a safety measure. Sarees are a way in which Indian women express themselves and are associated, in addition to femininity, also with grace, beauty, and elegance. 

In addition to their great fondness for Indian fabrics, we do not escape the fact that the fashion industry is one of the biggest culprits from an environmental perspective. And that is why, at COFUR Denmark, we have done away with toxic chemicals, textile dyeing, and other disturbing processes that are associated with “fast fashion” trends. For what is more sustainable than buying up existing silk that is already in circulation, getting it checked, washed, and sewn on to other styles? We can hardly think of anything else…

… But just because the saree is already in circulation, it must also live up to our high standards in terms of quality, colors, and prints. Therefore, the selection of the right saris takes place via a digital connection between Denmark and India, when we can not physically visit our Indian colleagues. The selection is an important process, whereby the sarees are neatly hand-picked, so we can always guarantee you the perfect combination of colors and prints. Subsequently, the saris are washed and get into the hands of well-trained seamstresses, who have given new life to the old saris. That way you have the opportunity to continue a lifelong story - from woman to woman with love!



The future must be sustainable! Or even better: Upcycled! And we are contemplating sustainability within all processes in our organization. This applies to suppliers we are collaboration with, materials we are exploring, and production methods we are using, as we know the importance of protecting our planet and creating a better tomorrow! This means our design philosophy is characterized by a slow fashion approach towards fashion, where no compromises have been taken regarding quality, resources, and respect towards the changing world. We truly believe that timeless design and long-lasting materials must be the focal point for creating new collections as the versatility and lifespan are prolonged. This means when investing in a product from COFUR Denmark, you will not only prolong a beautiful story, but you will simultaneously invest in a product created with love, sustainability, and a passionate heart beating for our environment.


Our entire collection is based exclusively on natural, sustainable materials in consideration of the environment. The majority of our collection is, for example, made of vintage silk sarees from India, which we buy, wash, and upcycle to new styles for the modern woman. And as a new initiative, we have implemented wool in our current collection. We are buying wool-shawls from the northern part of India, where the temperature must be lower compared to the remaining part of the country, which is upcycled to elegant, uniquely designed wool-jackets. Besides focusing on sustainable material choices, we are making a virtue out of using environmentally conscious suppliers and manufacturers to maintain full responsibility regarding our production chain. We are committed, as a slow fashion brand, to take sustainable responsibility and respectability towards the changing world.


The majority of our collection is made of repurposed silk sarees from India, - normally measuring approximately 5-6 meters, which can be used for one dress or one kimono. Simultaneously, this means that a large amount of waste has remained unused, which has created fertile ground for the development of new styles. Besides the beloved mix-print products, our accessory-collection has expanded with scarves, shoppers, bracelets, hairbands, scrunchies, etc. Our zero-waste philosophy has provided an extra chance for sarees that have sustained injuries such as holes or stains from their previous lives. It is, however, not only our materials that are recycled. All packaging, including shipping boxes, bags, and wrapping, is made of FSC-certificated materials. Furthermore, with our environmentally awareness in mind, we are expecting all suppliers to wrap products in recycled packaging as a must!


We are convinced that optimal living - and working conditions belong not only to people working in Europe but likewise our loyal suppliers in India. That is why we mainly use GOTS-certified manufacturers to secure fair wages and safe working conditions, where discrimination and child-labor are banned! It can be strenuous for Indian women to get a job, especially for women with physical disabilities. That is why, in collaboration with our suppliers, we have created countless jobs for women with a background as seamstresses who would have difficulties finding a job, because of their conditions.


We are embracing women's diversity in the way we design new styles that subconsciously support women's look and confidence through timeless design. And since all women are exceptional and the individual female body is unique, only the best is deserved! And what is better than sneaking your body in the best silk quality that only you own? Because since all styles are made of vintage crepe-silk sarees from India, each style will inevitably be a unique item. Furthermore, diversity is one of our heart's desires, which means we embrace all body types, which is why several of our styles are either one-sized or available in XS-XXL.