Are you an existing retailer? Or do you want to sell sustainable, uniquely designed styles from COFUR Denmark? We can offer a tailor-made solution, where you, at your own pace, can explore our sustainable design universe. We still have our showroom in Silkeborg, which is updated weekly for you to see the latest trends and our latest designs during each visit. If you, on the other hand, find it easier to visit Zealand, we can now proudly present our new showroom in Roskilde. We will be in the showroom every 4-6 weeks, where you can personally hand-pick a lot of beautiful styles for your store.


We welcome you in our church surroundings in the heart of Silkeborg, where you can see, feel, and try the breathtaking quality of vintage crepe silk. 

We are daily in the showroom in Silkeborg. However, please contact us before a visit in order for us to make sure that the showroom is booked for you.

Tværgade 17, 8600 Silkeborg, Danmark


You are also more than welcome to visit our new showroom in Roskilde, where you have the opportunity to see, feel, and try the unique quality of vintage silk. 

We will be in the showroom in Roskilde on selected days. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding when we will be there next time in order for you to experience our silk-univers!

Københavnsvej 261, 1. sal, 4000 Roskilde,  Danmark